Online Farm Shop

Welcome to our new online farm shop.

At Cut Thorn Farm we breed pedigree Beef Shorthorn cattle.  This is a native British breed dating back to the 18th century which originated in the North East region.  Shorthorn cattle have been on the Gibside estate since the days of the Earl of Strathmore and its a tradition that we are keen to continue.

As you walk through the Gibside estate you will be able to view the herd happily grazing in the parklands, they are also enrolled on a grassland stewardship scheme and as such are maintaining the biodiversity of the flora and fauna, rather than using intensive farming methods.

Our main market for our cattle are pedigree breeding sales, we have sold young bulls and heifers across the whole of the UK who have gone on to increase and improve the breed nationally.  Due to popular demand we find our beef sales growing yearly and we now hope to supply shorthorn beef to more customers in our local area.

Our grass fed cattle are easy keep which means that they grow naturally without having to be fed a high diet of grains.  They produce a lovely marbling of fat throughout the meat which leads to a superior taste.  All of our beef is hung for 21 to 28 days and sold locally to both our glamping guests and local villages.

We take our cattle to the abattoir ourselves in order to reduce any stress on the animal and use a top local butcher to package our product.  The beef is frozen immediately on return in order to preserve freshness and can be stored in your freezer at home for 4 to 12 months depending on the cut.

HOLIDAY GUESTS – Your beef will be inside your accommodation ready for your arrival.  It can be placed inside your fridge to defrost in a safe manner or left in your freezer, please let us know your preference in the comments box when you order.  If you wish to receive it on another day of your stay, or in separate deliveries, please just let us know in the comments box.  We can also put you an order together for you to take home and deliver it to you on your check out morning.  There is no minimum charge for glamping guests.

LOCAL CUSTOMERS – We can deliver between 8.30am to 9am most week days, or we are open between 9 am to 11 am on a Saturday morning for collections.  We do not have a shop so all items must be pre-purchased online and collection pre-arranged.  We only deliver within the local areas, if you haven’t had a delivery from us previously please just drop us a message to check that we can serve your postcode.  Our minimum orders are £30 delivered or £20 for collection.

When you begin checkout, please ensure that you let us know which day you would like to receive your delivery or collect, in the comments box.