21 Day Countdown begins ……..

Winter is long and bleak and dark and generally just bloody difficult, but the winter of 2020/21 has probably been one of the darkest for so many.  If you’re like us, you’ll be turning your mind towards spring, longer days, the warmth of the sun, spending more time outdoors and hopefully thinking of the end of Lockdown.

This last week I’ve started noticing that spring is creeping towards us, the snowdrops have sprouted outside of our garden gate, so delicate yet tough.  And just yesterday I noticed daffodils also starting to make an appearance already.  The 1st of February always brings a flurry of “egg-citement” as it means eggs go into my incubator ready for a hatch of the most adorable little chicks.  This year I’ve started with the Cuckoo Marans breed which for those of you who will try my free range eggs this summer, lay the beautiful chocolate brown colour eggs.

21 days is the incubation period, so whilst spring may not officially be until the 20th March, here at West Wood, it’s actually the 22nd February – cheep cheep!